Now is a great time to get your hot tub ready for those cold winter months

Your hot tub is an outstanding investment and addition to your home and proper maintenance will ensure you will enjoy it for many years. This maintenance includes making the necessary adjustments to keep your spa operating through the cold winter months or, alternatively, you can shut it down during the cold months if you don’t plan on using it. We’ll discuss both options below.

Closing Down for Winter
Hot tub owners often report that they most enjoy using their spas during the winter. However, if your area is bracing for severe inclement weather or you’re leaving town for an extended period of time, you may wish to shut down your spa entirely.

  1. Turn the power off.
    You’ll be emptying your spa of water and performing additional maintenance on it, so shut off the heater and turn off the spa at the control box.
  2. Empty the Spa
    Drain your hot tub of all water. Empty the air blowers, if your spa is equipped with these.
  3. Clean Filters
    Remove your filters and place them in a cleaning solution. You’ll want to keep them in a dry place for as long as they’re out of the hot tub. Also clean the filter basket as well.
  4. Loosen Fittings
    If your pump housing has drain plugs, open them. Use a shop vac to remove any additional water left inside these fittings.
  5. Blow Jets
    Water can get trapped in your jet plumbing and damage your hot tub if it freezes. Make sure this is drained, whether manually or by a shop vac.
  6. Clean the Shell
    Your hot tub is empty, so give the entire basin a good scrubbing with a spa cleanser. We carry all the cleaning chemicals you need at Spas of Parker
  7. Cover Your Tub
    Place your cover over your hot tub and lock it down. It will protect your spa during the winter. When spring arrives, you can refill your hot tub and begin enjoying it again.

Operating Your Spa in Winter
If you are concerned about the cost of operating your spa and its heater in the winter, you can relax; if properly maintained, keeping your hot tub operating is surprisingly cost-efficient. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to prepare your hot tub for winter.

  1. Drain/Clean Tub
    You’ll still want to give your spa a cleaning session. Drain your hot tub and give it a thorough scrubbing, including the vents and filters. Make sure to replace your filters if they are over a year old.
  2. Refill Your Spa
    Fill your hot tub with water.
  3. Activate Freeze Protection
    If you live in a very cold climate, run your hot tub in F3 “Standard” mode. A sensor will monitor the climate and periodically run the pump when the temperature drops below a certain level, preventing anything from freezing.
  4. Keep Your Spa Covered
    If you aren’t using your hot tub, keep the cover firmly on it. This will keep the heat in, preventing you from running the heater continuously and saving you money in the long run.

There’s nothing quite like watching a beautiful evening snow falling from the comfort of your hot tub. Why not keep it operating in the winter and enjoy it?  If you maintain it property it is not that expensive to heat the water in the winter months.

Now that you know how to maintain your spa through the winter or how to properly shut it down, you’ll be able to properly manage its care. Make sure to check your tub when we have those extreme cold snaps below zero.  A frozen hot tub can be very expensive to repair.

At Spas of Parker, we stock all the chemicals, filters and accessories you need to maintain your tub.  We have many years of experience with hot tubs and can answer all your questions.  Stop by and visit our showroom today.


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Old man winter is upon us again.  The cold weather we are experiencing can result in costing you $1000’s in repairs if your hot tub freezes.  Check your hot tub daily and make sure your tub is running during this extreme cold snap.  It is a good idea to add 3 tablespoons of chlorine or bromine once a week to your tub to keep your water fresh.  Also make sure your filter is working properly and replace it if it is over 12 months old.