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Welcome to the remarkable World of Kingdom Billiards – Where Excellence reigns.

Kingdom Billiards manufactures beautiful solid maple pool tables and is dedicated to excellence by meeting and exceeding the exacting standards established by the Billiard Congress of America. Our exquisite tables not only make an impressive addition to any home, they are built to last a lifetime.

Each Kingdom Billiards creation is a work of art and an example of fine craftsmanship. Our tables reflect the essence of The Great Kings of History and Lore – Kings such as Aragorn, David, Elrond, Herod, and Richard. These Great Kings will generate an atmosphere of enjoyment and adventure within any dwelling.  Below are some of the more popular models.  Check with Spas of Parker to see if there are any new offerings.


The King Elrond Honey / The King Elrond Mahogany Ageless and most powerful among the elves, the The King Elrond embodies the attributes of its namesake.The long, slender arch of the cabinet flows uninterrupted as if tracing out an endless path and reaching into eternity.Each leg is hand carved with a broad, fierce-looking claw captured in a clenched stance as if frozen in time. The lion’s-mane relif, spanning the crown of the leg, further amplifies this imposing look.From the undisturbed arch of the cabinet, to the pre-eminent pose of the legs, Kingdom Billiards has captured the immortal and potent essence of the one who ruled the Realm of Rivendell.

  • Size: 8ft
  • Color: Honey or Mahogany
  • Wood: 100% Solid Maple
  • Leg Type: Ball & Claw

The King Aragorn Honey / The King Aragorn Mahogany The King Aragorn: Matching the contour of King Aragorn’s Crown, the high double-arching cabinet forms a beautiful, center apex; and to accentuate this stately shape, a routed channel frames the margin of the table’s sides.The King Aragorn is supported by what can only be described as “Pedestals of Beauty”. Possessing the elegant lines of Queen Arwen herself, the flowing shape of the legs is statuesque.Neither a thousand words nor the most detailed images are capable of fully capturing the regal air and aesthetic lure of this Kingdom Billiards’ masterpiece — one must see this table firsthand in order to fully take in the splendor of its form.Like the crown bestowed on the returning King and the renowned beauty of his bride, the King Aragorn is a unequaled emblem of honor and grace.

  • Size: 8ft
  • Color: Honey or Mahogany
  • Wood: 100% Solid Maple
  • Leg Type: Queen Anne


The King David The King David: Featuring an elegant and timeless design.This impressive 8-foot, solid-maple table is only available in a hand-rubbed, deep-Cherry finish.The cabinet and legs of The King David are crafted in a turn-of-the-century, time-honored “panel” look with deep simple routings that make this table appealing in any setting.This table evokes images of a nobleman’s smoke room of long ago. Each pocket is wrapped in color coordinated designer leather and accented with a hand-tooled leather shield face.

  • Size: 8ft
  • Color: Cherry
  • Wood: 100% Solid Maple
  • Leg Type: Semi Straight



The King Solomon Mother of Pearl / Abalone Double Diamond Sights Enclosed Drop Pocket & Modern Curve Legs

  • Size: 8ft
  • Stain: Tuxedo
  • Wood: 100% Solid Canadian Maple
  • Leg Type: Modern Curve
The King Richard Fluid-Passion… These two words wholly capture the intense impression, which the design of this table evokes. Reflective of the passionate leadership of King Richard the Lionhearted, the visceral beauty of this Kingdom Billiards’ creation stirs the soul.The undulating contour of the cabinet, rails and blinds, moves those that survey the King Richard, and the warm walnut finish works to completely subdue the heart.The King Richard is not just a pool table,
The King Richard is a work of art…
The King Richard is a compelling encounter.

  • Size: 8ft
  • Color: Walnut
  • Wood: 100% Solid Maple
  • Leg Type: Elegant Spoon

Table Construction

  • High-Grade 100% Maple Construction – Cabinet/Legs/Rails/Support Beams.
  • 4 Stage Automated Kiln Drying Process.
  • No Veneers and No MDF Components.
  • Hand Rubbed Oil Based Stain
  • Wide-Profile Rails.
  • Recessed Maple Sub Rails.
  • Durable and Perfectly Jointed Blinds.
  • Genuine Abalone in Mother-Of-Pearl Pre-Finished Double-Diamond Sites.
  • High Torque, Fixed Nut-Plate Rail Design.
  • Breathable, K-66 Full Profile, Gum Rubber Cushions With Vulcanized Control Panel.
  • 1” Oversized Matched & Registered Slate.
  • Heavy duty precision corner brackets


  • Pre-Leveled Cabinets.
  • Lag Bolt/Barrel-Insert Design To Anchor The Corner Brackets To The Cabinet (Some Models).
  • Triple-Anchor Leg Supports (Some Models).
  • Double-Interlocking Mortis Cut Solid Maple Support Beams.
  • Barrier Lock, Maple Cross Beams, Interior Cabinet and Leg Supports are stained and sealed.
  • All Leather Pockets w/Stylish Accented Fronts & Cast Iron Cores.
  • Lag Bolt Insert Leg Attachment Design.
  • Beautiful Poly Urethane Finish with Rich Satin Look.
  • BCA approved for Tournament Play.
  • Cross-Laminated Handcrafted Legs.





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