We feature the most popular pool and hot tub chemicals at Spas of Parker.  Brand names include Leisure Time, Rendezvous, Regal, Spa Essentials, and Natural Chemistry products.Stop by to learn more about the chemicals necessary to keep your hot tub clean and chemically balanced.  If we don’t have the product you need, we will bring it in for you.

Leisure Time







spasofparker-scale inhibitor


Spa Essentials


spasofparker-filtercleanerParticles (dirt, dead algae, greases, oils etc.) captured in the filter pleats build up over time and the filter works less efficiently.  The build-up of debris makes it more difficult for the water to pass through the filter element. There are two steps necessary to cleaning a cartridge filter (or any other type of filter):

  1. Physical cleaning to remove the loose debris.
  2. Chemical cleaning to remove grease, oil, and scale.

Chemical cleaning is absolutely essential in order to maximize the life and efficiency of the cartridge filter.  In a sprayer application bottle, Spa Essential Filter Cleaner is designed for spraying or soaking applications for cartridge filters.

For best results and longer filter life, rinse the chemically cleaned filter thoroughly and allow it to dry before returning it to service. Many pool professionals make sure their customers have an additional cartridge filter to allow for this method of filter cleaning maintenance.

Regal Chemicals
















The above products are a small sample of the many brands and products we offer at Spas of Parker.  Stop by our location today.  We will help you find the products necessary to keep your hot tub or pool running at optimum performance.

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