The Latest Trends In Hot Tubs











Hot tubs have been in use since ancient times and have been improving day by day to suit every spa person’s dream. With many new features available for spa users, it’s easy to customize the perfect experience that will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and ready. At Spas of Parker, we stay on top of the latest trends in Denver hot tubs and spas, so you can rest-assured we will provide you with your ideal relaxation experience. Here are some of our favorite new trends:


An LED light show is a great feature to enjoy with your Parker hot tub. Why not take relaxation under the night sky to the next level with a beautiful visual experience? This feature will illuminate your spa, giving you an added feeling of luxury and enjoyment.


For many of us, nothing is more calming than listening to a favorite album, artist, or meditation track. Adding a stereo system to your Denver hot tub is the perfect way to enhance your personal spa experience. The speakers are built right in, and you can connect to the radio or your personal device, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sounds while you relax.


Parker hot tubs can be taken to the next level of peaceful relaxation with the additional of a Tranquility Fall. This feature allows you to enjoy the soothing sound of falling water, while also enjoying color therapy. The addition of a waterfall is a great way to make any spa feel even more serene.

Swim Spas

Sometimes, relaxing and unwinding means spending some time exercising and loosening up. Adding a hydrotherapy option to your Denver spa allows you to combine exercise with the soothing environment of a spa. With a swim spa, you have exercise equipment, hydrotherapy jets, and flow control system to give your muscles the pampering they deserve.

These are some of the latest trends and features in hot tubs and spas that you can find at Denver hot tubs, Denver spas, and Parker hot tubs – customize your spa for the optimal experience.

Tidal Fit Swim Spa Review

siwm spaYour perfect swim spa is provided to you by Spas of Parker. I know how expensive and out of reach it sounds to you. But once you read this I am sure you will be ready to consider purchasing it.  There is no other exercise pool that matches the standard features that your Tidal Fit provides you. This amazing spa of Denver features include a waterfall, effective micron filters, efficient exercise equipment, and many more benefits that comes to you in the form of a standard swimming pool.

The effective pool not only provides you fun but also gives you a soothing feel. The hydrotherapy option in your new spas of Denver hot tub soothes your sore muscle especially after a thorough workout session.  Your beautiful and aesthetically efficient pool comes with a 14 different Helix jets that works by a powerful pump and a flow control system.

How does hydrotherapy works in your benefit?

The power jet and forceful supply let you rejuvenate the body and mind. Hydrotherapy is used for ages to treat muscle pain, joint injuries and arthritis and even today your Spas of Denver uses Hydrotherapy to revitalize, maintain, and restore health.

Hydrotherapy by your Colorado hot tub helps relieve stress and helps you achieve a sense of well-being. Your Tidal fit swim spa comes with high-performance exercise pool; you get greatest possible benefits of hydrotherapy while you enjoy your precious moments of relaxation in your luxury Tidal fit swim spa. It enhances your life quality and helps you relax by providing you a soothing platform. Hydro therapy is known to treat arthritis and reduce pain as it increases endorphin in your body. It also improves your sleep quality.

The Swimming pool TidalFit features a revolutionary breakthrough making use of hydrotherapy jets that uses the timeless concept of the helix, and a three-dimensional, double-spiral form, which provides quality experience. This aptly named Jet the Helix is designed to provide a highly remarkable hydro-massage, which is exclusive to the TidalFit.

The variable flow enables you to adjust the flow of water to your soothing limits. The LED display helps you manage the force. The best way to do away with stress is brought to you by Spas of Denver.

Maintenance of your pool

Well luxury doesn’t come for free, but your pool doesn’t bother you a lot with maintenance and cleaning requirements. If you live in Colorado you are plain lucky as you get all the cleaning agents and tips that will help you keep you pool clean and tidy. Your pool needs cleaning agents so as the water impurities does not block the flow of water, you can get them easily at your Spas of Parker. Make use of these whenever you use your TidalFit. It comes with a floor sweeper jets that help the flow of water and does not allow water to stand stagnant. The power used by your Colorado hot tub is another advantage; it does not burn a hole in your pocket.

All in all it offers a great experience, with easy maintenance and is worth cost and you will find this TidalFit swim spa at Spas of Parker.