Colorado Has Had Some Severe Weather Lately – Now Is The Time To Replace Your Hot Tub Cover!

Spring time in the Rockies often equates to severe thunderstorms with damaging hail. The Parker area has been hit particularly hard over the past few weeks with hail almost a daily event.  Now is the time to check your hot tub cover to see if you need to replace it.  We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors for every hot tub manufacturer.

At Spas of Parker, we carry covers that are the highest-quality, mar-resistant marine grade vinyl. The zippers are heavy-duty plastic to prevent corrosion.  The insulation is constructed of 2-pound, high-density 2“-4” foam with a steel center channel for added support. Perhaps the most important feature of a spa cover from Spas of Parker is our exclusive 4-mil sandwich protection for foam insulation cores. We actually shrink-wrap 4-mil protective shell around foam (vs. competitors that simply wrap around their covers). This helps protect against water absorption.

We are offering these heavy duty covers at a discounted price of only $389!  Stop by today and pick one up to protect your valuable investment.

Hot Tub Covers

Problems With Cloudy Water? You Need To Add SeaKlear!

Memorial Day is around the corner –which means pools with high bather loads and CLOUDY WATER!
Every customer expects their pool to look clean and clear. And every pool pro works tirelessly to see that clarity is maintained in their customer’s pools. But pools get cloudy after pool parties. What can you do? Here are a few tips from Terry Arko on HOW TO CLEAR CLOUDY WATER:
Start with ….
1. SeaKlear Rescue Klear, a curative product designed to quickly clear up extremely cloudy pool water. Ideal product for use after heavy bather loads, such as a swimming pool party, as well as cleaning up spills, excess mud on dirty feet, paint, or dead algae floating in the water
2. SeaKlear Free & Klear, our award winning Natural Clarifier combined with our Phosphate Remover plus scum fighting enzymes – triple action in one dose!
3. Maintain with SeaKlear Natural Clarifier liquid or in convenient toss ‘n go PODS, weekly for crystal clear water everytime.

Need a ‘drought zone’ solution?

Offer NEW Solar Shield®– conserves pool water, heat and chemicals!

Solar Shield® forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the pool water surface, reducing water, heat and chemical evaporation. Solar Shield® is long lasting with one dose lasting up to 30 days!

Unlike other products on the market that require dosing daily or weekly, one quart of Solar Shield can provide up to 4 months of coverage!


The cold weather we are experiencing can result in costing you $1000’s in repairs if your hot tub freezes.  Check your hot tub and make sure your tub is running during this extreme cold snap.  It is a good idea to add 3 tablespoons of chlorine or bromine once a week to your tub to keep your water fresh.  Also make sure your filter is working properly and replace it if it is over 12 months old.  During the month of February we are offering 10% off all chemicals and filters to keep your tub running efficiently.  Also, check your tub cover to make sure it is retaining heat and isn’t cracked or worn.  February is great time to replace that worn out hot tub cover as we are offering hot tub covers at only $339, a saving of $50!

Last but not least, during the month of February we are offering bags of pellets at $15.95 per bag, a savings of $4.00 per bag. 

Now is the time to stock up for your Spring BBQ’s!  Stop by the store today!

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