Problems With Cloudy Water? You Need To Add SeaKlear!

Memorial Day is around the corner –which means pools with high bather loads and CLOUDY WATER!
Every customer expects their pool to look clean and clear. And every pool pro works tirelessly to see that clarity is maintained in their customer’s pools. But pools get cloudy after pool parties. What can you do? Here are a few tips from Terry Arko on HOW TO CLEAR CLOUDY WATER:
Start with ….
1. SeaKlear Rescue Klear, a curative product designed to quickly clear up extremely cloudy pool water. Ideal product for use after heavy bather loads, such as a swimming pool party, as well as cleaning up spills, excess mud on dirty feet, paint, or dead algae floating in the water
2. SeaKlear Free & Klear, our award winning Natural Clarifier combined with our Phosphate Remover plus scum fighting enzymes – triple action in one dose!
3. Maintain with SeaKlear Natural Clarifier liquid or in convenient toss ‘n go PODS, weekly for crystal clear water everytime.

Need a ‘drought zone’ solution?

Offer NEW Solar Shield®– conserves pool water, heat and chemicals!

Solar Shield® forms an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the pool water surface, reducing water, heat and chemical evaporation. Solar Shield® is long lasting with one dose lasting up to 30 days!

Unlike other products on the market that require dosing daily or weekly, one quart of Solar Shield can provide up to 4 months of coverage!

Spring Is A Great Time For Hot Tub Maintenance


A hot tub is one of the modern conveniences that a homeowner must have. It is a great way to relax as well as gain the many therapeutic reliefs of water therapy. If you plan on installing a new hot tub or have just recently installed your new unit at home then you need to know about the proper care of hot tubs as well as the use and maintenance of hot tub filters that can help prolong the life of your tub.

If you live in Parker, CO, you are rest assured of the most efficient company that knows all about hot tubs and spas, the most in demand Spas of Parker units as well as the most popular hot tub in the Denver area, Artesian Spas. Spas of Parker is your best dealer when it comes to every kind of hot tub or spa especially Artesian Spas in Colorado. Spas of Parker knows that every Artesian Spas model is a work of art and needs expert care and maintenance. As a new spa owner or future hot tub or spa user you need to remember the following important points:

  • Water used in hot tubs and spas like Artesian Spas need to be treated with chemicals to keep it sanitary and maintain an ideal water pH level to reduce harming the spas intricate components. Regular tap water causes residue build-up that can be very difficult to remove or maintain; chemically treating your spa water will ensure that residues will never become a problem. Chemicals used in cleaning and maintaining the pH balance of water in spas can be dangerous if not used according to manufacturer’s instructions so be sure to follow basic guidelines in their use.
  • Your spa water needs to have the ideal water pH to ensure that the spa jet system will not suffer from corrosion and damage. You need to test the water pH regularly; the reading should be between 7.2 to 7.8. Spas of Parker has all the maintenance solutions like pH testing kits, pH increaser and pH reducers that you may need in maintaining you hot tubs or spas.
  • The spa filters need to be changed according to manufacturer’s instructions. Artesian Spas disposable filters are ideally changed every four months. It’s important to contact your dealer for genuine spas and hot tub filters to ensure that your spa will be in perfect working condition.
  • Your spa needs to be completely drained, cleaned, and refilled with clean and filtered water every six months. If you use the spa more often then you need to change water more frequently.
  • Other than chemicals for cleaning and maintaining water pH you may have to use products that maintains the level of chlorine in the water, products that remove other organic contaminants in the water and other water filtration system brands. Spas of Parker will assist you in making the right decision in taking care of your spa and keeping it maintained for years to come.

At Spas of Parker we offer maintenance products that will maintain your valuable investment.  Stop by today to learn more about the proper care and maintenance of your hot tub.  During the month of May we are offering 10% off Hot Tub Chemicals so come in and take advantage of this special pricing.